Portrait of David Bowie

Portrait of David Bowie


I remember seeing a painting of David Bowie, in my friend Torryne's house, a few hours before the news of his death broke. I was shaken when I heard. I knew him from Labyrinth and 'Let's Dance'. I was fascinated when I heard that he and Iman got married years ago. I remember thinking that it was such a strange pairing, but it made so much sense at the same time. People talk about him as if he was a personal friend. I can't say that I knew his complete catalog as a musician. But I knew him as an artist. Always questioning, always evolving. He was smart and wry. Yesterday I was inspired to paint my own impression of the iconic album cover, the ultimate artistic nonconformist. But that was just a piece of him. He also a father and a husband, and that is how I thought about him in his later years. I think about his family and how much they must miss him. It's an incredible loss.



18 x 24 in.

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