Cloutier x McCalmanCo Ceramic Cup 19

Cloutier x McCalmanCo Ceramic Cup 19


I went to visit my dear friend Julie Cloutier during one of her last days before moving from San Francisco. I brazenly suggested that we collaborate on a project and she amazingly agreed. What followed has been a deeply satisfying exchange of ideas manifested in our CloutierxMcCalmanCo illustrated ceramic cups.

It's crazy what your body can remember even when your brain doesn't. As I started working with Julie on the collaboration, I couldn't figure out where the inspiration had come from. The illustrations had been flowing organically, but I had this feeling that I'd seen it before. A couple of days into the project, I took out some old work and found linoleum cuts I'd made in college, some 20 years prior. The same abstracted faces and lines stared back at me as those which now lived on the ceramic cups.


2 x 2.5 in

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